The project is focused on creating liquidity and further decentralizing the Web space

Token Details

Max Supply: 10,000,000,000 wbcnx across all chain

Contract Address: 0xac2534572bf0a513613f03c2c00a48c1ed02f7f2​

Token Name: WebcoinX

Symbol: WBCNX

Decimals: 18

Network: BNB Chain

Spec: BEP-20

Be careful!!!

Currently, fraudulent tokens similar in name to ours have appeared. We launched only on the DODO platform.


The WBCNX protocol is well compatible with a wide range of blockchain-based technologies, including NFT, DeFi lending, farming, the metaverse and artificial intelligence. This allows users to benefit from a range of tools and services while maintaining full control over their assets and maintaining a high degree of security.

Pool rates

The WBCNX platform combines lending, betting mechanisms and liquidity pools, which allows users to receive passive income from their assets in pools, as well as be able to borrow against their positions and receive rewards for placing WBCNX tokens.

The multifaceted WBCNX platform

WBCNX accelerates the growth and development of Metaverse through fractionation bridge and second-level pool connection technology. The goal is for technology to shape the digital world and be easily accessible, marketable, and usable in the Metaverse.


Q1 2024

The WBCNX token is officially registered on the DODO Exchange.

Q2 2024

Formation of the liquidity of WBCNX pools.

Q3 2024

The construction of bridges and WBCNX swap has begun.


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