How do I buy a WebcoinX token in a decentralized DODO wallet?


If you are a user of the Binance/ByBit exchanges, etc., then buying a token will be much easier, saving time and money…

First of all, we will need to buy BNB coins on the spot. We buy a coin for the maximum (within the acceptable reasonable limits of a specific investment).

After purchasing BNB, click on the «Withdrawal of funds» button and transfer it to your MetaMask wallet

Connect the decentralized MetaMask wallet to the DODO platform: https://app.dodoex.io/swap/network/bsc-mainnet/56-BUSD/0xac2534572bf0a513613f03c2c00a48c1ed02f7f2:

Open the token selection menu by clicking on the icon:

We are waiting for the token to appear

Connecting the wallet

We save the token in favorites so that we don’t have to search for it later.

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